a blog about my quilting life...mostly

a blog about my quilting life...mostly

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Some new projects on the horizon

 Hello friends,
I am hopeful that this week you are able to find me over here without any problems! I hope you will bear with me as I continue to work out any kinks ;).
This past week our youngest started Cyber school and, seeing as I am his "learning coach" and am supposed to supervise his class time, I thought I'd be getting all kinds of time in my quilt room ( where we very cleverly found him a learning space!)....Turns out that that was not the case exactly, but then I have to give myself some time to get back into this new routine.
My husband was cleaning up our basement on the weekend and brought me 2 bins. Inside were loads of quilts, patterns, kits, and fabric! Yahoo....felt a little bit like Christmas to me! The things is that I hadn't seen these items for years ( and how that is possible when we just moved 2 years ago I don't understand!), but I'm happily reunited with my treasures! Here are some of the items I found inside:

Do you see that binder with the Christmas All Through The Year pattern? If you look closely you will see some familiar Santas. Those are the Santas that make an appearance every year in my decorating. I bought them years and years ago as a BOM, where once a month you got one Santa and the accompanying fabric and block instructions to make this quilt. I never was crazy about the quilt, but HAD to have those Santas, therefore the quilt never got made. However, it seems like a shame to have that  pattern and fabric not being used so I have decided to make it and just substitute some of the blocks I don't like for other ones ( now that I am a much more accomplished quilter I feel very confident doing that ;) )
Speaking of Christmas projects, I have loaded another stitchery in my hoop from the Love & Hugs from Australia group. This one is by Anni Downs and I do love her designs so very much!
I right away traced last week's design too ( or was it from a few weeks back??)  so that I can just continue embroidering. And ofcourse everything is kept neat and tidy in my embroidery box, which holds all my Sulky Petites, as well as my glasses, needles, and scissors!

This past week I was able to pick up a few new (used) goodies too and came home with these patterns and these bias tape makers. Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet uses these a lot in her creations so I thought it would be handy to have a big set of different sizes. Besides, for $2 I wasn't going to leave them behind!

The patterns are a big mish-mash of styles, but I foresee some Christmas presents for people made from some of these :). The chicken patterns use a very interesting technique so I will share that in a future blog post.
I also picked up this pattern, which is not quite collage, but sorta, kinda ;).
Here you see my fabric choices under the pattern and I am excited to play a bit with this! I follow a collage quilting group on Facebook and bought this book from the founder to hopefully learn more about collage quilting:

And finally I have to share two of my most favorite magazines! One arrived in the mail ( finally!!), and the other I found at the checkout in the grocery store this past week. I adore both these magazines and can't wait to sit and grab a cup of tea and dive into reading them!

Phew, this turned into a long post so thanks for sticking with me!
Until next time~happy creating!


  1. I love collage quilting but have not tried it yet. I'm going to!!! I'm going to!! Thanks for sharing and your post was not too long. I follow you dutifully and always enjoy what you do!! Thanks again

    1. I am glad you are going to try it too. It looks like fun! And thank you for following😊

  2. I noticed you had a kit from Quilting in the County. I used to work there before it closed. The employees still get together to chat and sew.

    1. Oh yes, a lot of my kits came from there! I took my very first quilting class from Jane!

  3. Love this new blog. Look forward to reading it each time!!!

  4. Interesting Post. Got it fine thru my email site.

  5. You did well with your purchases, inst it lovely to find items you had forgotten you had?? I'm sure that when I eventually get to unpack all may craft boxes that it will be just like xmas. Its starting to get quite warm here and dry so I will have to start doing embroidery instead of crochet. Enjoy your makes, cant wait to see how they turn out.


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