a blog about my quilting life...mostly

a blog about my quilting life...mostly

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Fall decorations at "the Farmhouse"

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Hello friends, 

We have had the most gorgeous weather here in central Pennsylvania this past week....crispy and cool at night, with some rain, but lots of sunshiny, breezy days....perfect FALL weather!

This put me in the mood to pull out my fall decorations ( and gave me a good reason to DUST which, I must admit, I rarely do....there seems so little point to dusting when you have as many pets as we do).

I was pleasantly surprised at how many Fall quilts I have collected over the years...I actually have more than I have room for, isn't that a great problem to have? So, let's start the tour, shall we?

Our family room has the most decorating going on. We really don't use this room in the summer because there are no windows, just one sliding door, and it is way too dark for my liking when I want to be soaking up sunshine! But in the fall and winter we love to cozy up in here, especially when we use the wood burning fireplace! So this room gets a lot of quilts and other fall decorations. This one here is one of my all-time favorite quilts that I made from a kit back when we lived in Montana. I just love the sweet little faces on the scarecrows!

This next one I just made last year and is called Queen of the Harvest. I loved every minute of working on her and am glad to have a spot to hang her this year ( last year I pinned her to the wall in our dining room, but this quilt hanger is such a  much nicer way to display a quilt). 

Last year I also made this pillow cover using some Lori Holt templates and I think it adds a sweet little touch to our little red sofa. 
And finally, there is our mantel area. I left the quilts on the ladder because they have orange and seem to fit my fall scheme just fine. Then I added a cozy quilt on the back of the sofa, and a cute little table runner on the table. 

Doesn't that look like a welcoming spot to sip a cup of tea and read a magazine?

I guess I really concentrate all my efforts in the family room because there is not too much to share in the other rooms....
The kitchen gets a little fall-colored table runner and a candle...

The dining room gets a table runner and a candle....

The basement gets a fresh, new quilt. This one is a calendar quilt, with adorable snowmen representing the 12 different months.... 

 And finally, our living room. It gets a few more quilts, simply because there are more spaces to display them!

So there you have it: Fall at the farmhouse :). Do you decorate for Fall? How do you decorate? Please tell me in the comments!

Next week I will share a couple of new projects I started work on. And if you haven't already done so, could you please sign up to receive these blog posts via email ( there is a spot right under this blog post, as well as in the sidebar). Many of you are still getting here through my old Wordpress site and I am discontinuing that one soon. Even if you are signed up there, you MUST sign up for this one, because there is no way for me to transfer that information unfortunately. Let me know if you need help ( you can email me at FarmhousequiltsinLancaster@gmail.com) and I will do my best to help you.

That's all for this week....until next time~happy creating!